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Prayer for Blessed Sacrament Chapel
My Jesus, truly present in the Blessed Sacrament, I have not shown You half the appreciation which I owe You. Grant me the grace to grow in this appreciation. You deserve far more attention than I have shown You. How often could I come to You with a slight effort or even inconvenience to myself! Yet, I fail to do so. I do not treat my human friends half so neglectfully as I treat You. This sacrament is a living proof of your love for me. I hope to show my love for you by a greater devotion toward You from now on. I pray that I get the opportunity in my parish to see you more often than just once a week for a few hours. As often as I am reasonably able, I shall visit You. I want to give You more of my attention, my time, my interest, and my life. AMEN

Bhov Povitr Sacramentank Magnnem
Bhov Povitr Sacramentant aslelea mhojea Somia Jezu, Hanven tuka favo to maan diunk ani Tuje toknnayen vaddunk mhaka Dev kurpa favo kor. Mhaka kurpa di, tuka vakhannunk ani Tujem sovem favo to maan dakhounk. Kitlech pavtti Tuje xim yeun, Tuka dhinvasunk hanvem il’lo proytn korunk zatalem punn hanv fatti urlom/urlem. Hanvem mhojea ixttank goroz to maan dilo punn toch maan Tuka dakounk hanvem beporva kelli. Povitr Sacramentant Tuji Jivi haziri zaun asa mhaka ek mogachi nixanni. Hea fuddem ho bhorvanso dovortam Tuje sovem mhozo mog ani bhokti dakhoitolo mhonn. Hanv anvdetam mhojea Firgojent nhoich fokot sumanant ek pavtti punn sodanch Tuje bhettek yeunk. Mhojean zata te bhaxen ani ghoddta title pavtti Tuka bhett kortolom. Hea fuddem odik borem toren mhojem mon, mhozo vell, mhoji khuxi ani mhojem jivit Tuka vompunk hanv bhass ditam. AMEN